Amanda Langhorne is Durables Member of the Month!!!

Amanda has answered the age old question, can a hairstylist be strong and an incredible Weightlifter...the answer, YES!  

In only one year Amanda has become one of Durables top athletes in weightlifting.  She'll never tell you that so we'll do it for her!  Last year she finished 1st in our gym wide weightlifting competition for women!

You'll find Amanda in the 930am class before she heads in to her salon that she owns and operates.  If you haven't yet run into her during classes read on to find out more!

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What did you think about CrossFit before you walked through the
doors for the first time?

I thought it was INTIMIDATING. I remember my sister (a seasoned
crossfitter) trying to show me how to do a clean and I didn’t even have
the wrist mobility to hold the bar up correctly. Then I tried a free class
and was instantly hooked.

What kept you coming back?
The constant variation of learning new skills and skill progression.
Everyday is something different and every day is an opportunity for
The tangible results. Not only does my body look and feel better, I’ve
learned so many movements I thought I could never do like toes to bar,
double unders, cleans, etc. Being able to look back a year ago when I
couldn’t do one double under to now doing 30, is such a cool feeling and
I know that if I keep working at it next year I’ll be doing 50+ double
under no problem.

What might you tell someone who is still on the fence about trying

DO IT. Stop questioning yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape
you are in. There is something for EVERYBODY. It’s your workout,
and the coaches will support you the whole way through it.
Don’t be intimidated by the other athletes. Every single person is at a
different place in their training and no one is here to judge you.

What’s your favorite WOD/Movement? 
Anything involving cleans because they are my strongest movement.
And I think they’re fun!
What is the last thing you googled? 
Haha, Crossfit Games. Checking the leader board to see which of my
favorite ‘Dottir girls is leading in the open this year!!!

What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself? I picked up a copperhead snake when I was a child. Snakes have never
bothered me but flying bugs, forget about it. I will freak out at a flying
bug every time.
Also, I love goats. My husband promised me if we moved to the country
I could have goats in pajamas.

If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why?
Does eating whatever you want and not getting fat count as a super

What was the first concert you ever saw?
Shania Twain!!!

What new skill will you have a year from now?
Handstand walks! They take incredible stability which I don’t have
much of yet so thats something I want to work on.

Congratulations to our Member of the Month! Jeff Varnes!

What did you think about CrossFit before you walked through the doors for the first time?

I was really intimidated because I hadn't spent much of my life in gyms.  I'd always heard about the intensity of CrossFit workouts, but the returns/rewards were huge...which I've found to be very true.


What kept you coming back?

I had been running for the last 25 years and not doing much else to stay in shape.  My knees were hurting and, while I had good endurance, my strength wasn't there.  I was looking to cut back on running but wanted something that would maintain my endurance and get me strong.  CrossFit workouts, with the regular mix of lifting and calisthenics, turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.  Aside from the great workouts, I also love CrossFit for the fact that there's a coach telling me what to do and how to do it, the unbelievably supportive community of coaches and fellow CrossFitters, and the technical movements that continue to challenge me every time I try them (bar movements, kipping anything, HSPU's, T2B's, etc.).


Jeff started almost a year and a half ago with his wife Nicole and you can find them at 5am most  mornings if there isn't a school that day because a snowflake has touched the ground.  What the coaches love most about Jeff is he's fairly reserved, easily coachable and when the workout of the day starts he gives it everything he's got!  Hard work paid off for him recently too when he got his first bar muscle up as the entire gym cheered him on!


What might you tell someone who is still on the fence about trying CrossFit?

Along with sharing all of the things that keep me coming back, I'd say not to be intimidated as everything can be scaled or modified.  I'd say to commit to trying it for a month or two and they'll be hooked and on the way to being in the best shape of their life.


What’s your favorite WOD/Movement? 

7 Minutes of Burpees.  Just kidding...probably something like Helen.  I like the mix of running, KB swings and pullups.


What is the last thing you googled? 

"Top Crossfit WODs"


What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself?

I was once bitten by a black widow spider 


If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why?

Superhuman endurance because it would suit me well for CrossFit and other extracurricular activities that I'm into.


What was the first concert you ever saw?

KISS.  Sometime in the early 80's.


What new skill will you have a year from now?

Butterfly...pullups, T2B, etc. 

Why sign up for the Open?

Why Should I Sign Up for the Open?

I’m not going to the Games!!!

I’m not going to lie but back in the day before Crossfit was a worldwide event I thought I might have a chance to qualify for the Games. Now that is nearly impossible unless you can make training your full time job or are the magical 1% in the world.  So for the rest of us we are in it for the fun. By signing up you get to experience something really cool with a few thousand friends.

One of the first things you learn in Crossfit is that everything is measurable. The Open is no different. Even though this event happens once a year you are able to measure your results from year to year. HQ does try to repeat at least one workout from a previous year. You can also measure your results against other people your age, people in your state or other countries, people who have been crossfitting as long as you have and see how you compare. Who doesn’t want to see where their fitness is??

Not only do we have the opportunity to compete online but at CFD we are fortunate enough to compete in a fun friendly way as well.  CFD offers “Friday Night Lights at the Box”. This is a fun friendly way to test your fitness with friends and score points for your team. You will be doing the workouts anyway so why not sign up to be on a team. No matter your fitness level your score helps your team. I mean the winning team gets their name on a banner displayed in the gym!! How cool is that? There will be 4 teams and “players” will be drafted to compete not only by working out but with team spirit, getting a PR and just showing up!!

So sign up either way it is a win for you! 

- Coach Jenn


Congratulations to Danielle DeSerio, Durables Member of the Month!


Speak softly and carry a big stick perfectly describes Danielle.  She's not one to scream or shout but she quietly gets work done everyday and we can't be more ecstatic to honor her this month!  Even though she hates the attention and will always be modest, Danielle works her tail off as soon as the clock goes 3,2,1...go

You can find her at either 5am or 830am 3x per week...and if you haven't been lucky enough to meet her just yet, keep reading to find out more!

What did you think about CrossFit before you walked through the doors for the first time?


I had many pre-conceived notions about CrossFit and CrossFitters.  I thought that it was only for elite athletes already in peak shape.  

   What kept you coming back?

The supportive environment.   I'm always in a better mood when I leave, even if the WOD was awful.   It's a pretty great way to start your day with a sense of accomplishment.

What might you tell someone who is still on the fence about trying CrossFit?

Just show up.  And keep showing up.  You won't regret it.

What’s your favorite WOD/Movement? 

Thrusters and Cleans and most WODs under 15 minutes.

What is the last thing you googled? 

How to pick snowshoes

What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself? 

If I could sing and dance and not get stage-fright, I would want to be on Broadway.  

If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why?

Teleportation. Is that a superpower? 

What was the first concert you ever saw?

Vanilla Ice!

What new skill will you have a year from now?

Pull-ups, Handstand pushup

3 reasons why CrossFit might be a great fit for your child.


Is Crossfit Teens Right For Your Child?

Confidence and Leadership:
We have always stressed in our class that we are a team; we succeed by working together, challenging each other to do our best, and celebrating each accomplishment as a group.  We like to do a lot of team workouts and try to mix it up so everyone has a chance to build a friendship.  I have watched the older children step up to motivate the younger ones by showing them “the ropes” and sharing their Crossfit journey. This provides them an opportunity to be in a position of leadership even when they do not realize they are doing it.

Over the years, we have also been given the honor of being entrusted with a couple of special needs children. Their journey has been an amazing one to watch as we saw them grow and do things that I don't think they thought they could.  We watched the other children in these classes not only encourage their development but be motivated by their successes.

Improved Health:
In class, we talk about nutrition and how a healthy diet with exercise can make them a more effective athlete and student.  Teaching them how to properly fuel their bodies so they aren’t falling asleep in class and can avoid "foggy" brains are essential skills they will carry with them throughout their lifetime. The key is to start them early. 

Strength and Performance:
Not only do children gain confidence in themselves, but they see it and feel it in their bodies. They are stronger, faster, and feel more alert. They perform better in their sport and studies, which drives them to continue. 

A big issue in youth age sport is the rise of injuries to athletes that are now specializing their training in one sport only (year round soccer, baseball, lacrosse teams).  Overuse injuries are on the rise because of this.  The best athletes on the field are almost always being exposed to a  different sport each season.  At CrossFit we program our classes to improve a child's general physical preparedness.  Meaning we run, row, bike, jump, lift weights, climb ropes, work agility drills and even gymnastics work weekly!  What we have found is CrossFit kids have an edge over other athletes because they have been exposed to more training stimulus at higher intensities.

Our boys are now 14 & 17 and I will tell you that they have truly embraced a healthy lifestyle through their growth in the Crossfit Kids/Teens program. My boys are more confident, stronger and focused on their goals.  They see themselves being a part of this Crossfit network of families throughout their adulthood.

If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up for our program and would like to learn more, we would love to share our experiences and answer any questions you may have about why CrossFit would be a great fit for your child!

~Coach Jenn

 Coach Jenn has 9 years of experience coaching CrossFit Kids courses

Coach Jenn has 9 years of experience coaching CrossFit Kids courses