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Scott Mcalee (Owner)

I was working as a  Personal Training Manager in 2008 when my brother first introduced me to the website, CrossFit.com. The creativity and intensity of the program had me hooked. It opened up a new methodology to use with my clients and it had an immediate impact on their results. Working one on one with clients for over a decade has allowed me to implement the program with every skill level imaginable. My favorite part of getting to service our community is watching each member’s growth from their “First Day” to their 30th class when they’re smiling and talking the lingo, wearing the latest shoes and doing workouts that initially intimidated them. As a coach, that’s the best, when someone is able to prove to themselves that they’re capable of more…that’s what it’s all about and that’s what we strive to teach each and every day.
  • CF Level 2
  • CF Football
  • USAW Level 1
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT, CES, PES)
  • FMS Level 2
  • Eat To Perform Nutrition Certified
  • Coaching Experience: 14 years

M’lesa Brew (CrossFit Coach)

I started CrossFit to prove someone wrong. I was told I could never be good at it. I was invested in my fitness and wellness, but I am a woman of small stature, and I was starting without true barbell experience. The fighter in me wanted to disprove those ridiculous judgements.
That was eight years and several competition podiums ago! I made my point, and I’m still hooked. I love how CrossFit challenges me both personally and professionally. It provides me the perfect avenue to continually grow as a coach, advance as a competitor, and develop as an athlete. Coaching CrossFit affords me the opportunity to foster in others that growth and success. It is so rewarding to guide and assist others in their journeys to gain more confidence, develop new skills, and exceed their fitness goals. In the CrossFit community, we are all stronger together!
  • CF Level 2
  • Coaching Experience: 8 years

Sean Brooks (CrossFit Coach)

I have been a weightlifter since I was a teenager, I was a little skeptical to try Crossfit at first. However, I instantly fell in love with it from the first day i tried it. The community and challenge workouts that Crossfit presents kept me coming back for more. I loved the feeling of accomplishment, increased strength and I’m now in the best shape of my life even as a former college athlete. Becoming a Coach was a no brainer, I want to help teach others how to get stronger, faster, and feel better about themselves. I get fired up each day I get to meet new people that are excited to start their fitness journey.
  • CF Level 1
  • USAW level 1
  • Coaching Experience: 5 years

Jennifer Shepherd (CrossFit Coach)

My husband had heard about Crossfit and really wanted to try a class. I was reluctant to go as it was so intimidating but went with him and was hooked. I loved seeing the women in class who pushed each other in a positive way to be stronger and healthier. They were bulky “meatheads” they were like me – I told him I wanted to be like them. After about a year we decided to get certified because our box didn’t have a kids program and we have 2 sons. We wanted them to have a place they could workout in and learn to love being healthy and fit. It has been amazing to see them grow and all the kids we have helped along the way. My favorite thing is watching kids and adults we coach learn something new and surprise themselves with their new skill. A lot of times they say “I can’t” and when they overcome the doubt and achieve it the joy on their face is priceless. Just knowing that I had a small part in helping them to achieve it makes it all worth it.

  • CF Level 2
  • CF Kids
  • CF Weightlifting
  • CF Gymnastics
  • CF Scaling
  • Coaching Experience: 12 years

Stephen Shepherd (CrossFit Coach)

I started CrossFit back in 2009, ready to make a life change for my health’s sake. I had become very out of shape and overweight and it was beginning to give me health problems. After some research, I chose CrossFit. I was looking for a challenging training program that I would also look forward to coming to everyday. Jenn and I had done the globo gym routine and had become quite bored with it. I was excited to see what “Forging Elite Fitness” was all about and I have to say almost 10 years later I have not been disappointed as their are new challenges everyday!
I got into coaching because I had a desire to help others regardless of age achieve their fitness goals. In particular with two young sons when I started, my wife Jenn and I really wanted to make an impact with CrossFit Kids /Teens. I still get genuinely happy as a Coach to see an athlete hit a new PR especially when it was a hard skill or movement they didn’t think they could accomplish.
  • CF L1
  • CF Weightlifting
  • CF Kids
Kristine Yesnowski (CrossFit Kids Coach, CrossFit Coach)
I’ve been involved in CrossFit since 2010 where I instantly fell in love with the energy, enthusiasm, and community that came along with it.After having children, I realized that the role of health & fitness was not only important in adult lives but also in children’s lives as well. Wanting to install a healthy lifestyle in my own children as well as others, especially with increasing sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity on the rise, I became passionate on
obtaining my CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Certificates.
I hope to bring energy, enthusiasm and knowledge to each class I coach, whether it’s CrossFit with adults, CrossFit Kids or our Driven classes and always strive to make each class fun while watching each athlete grow stronger and perform their best.
  • CF Level 1
  • CF Kids
  • Coaching Experience: 2 year

Robin Hernandez (Coach)

I was a stay at home mom of 3 who had been unsuccessful at finding a way to get and stay active. My neighbor introduced me to Crossfit and I was immediately hooked. I loved the community aspect of working together, the variety of movements involved and how it was always challenging me.
Since starting Crossfit I have felt physically, mentally and emotionally so much better. It has built my confidence inside and outside of the gym. I love having the opportunity to help others grow and reach their goals as well. It is such an exciting journey to watch.
  • CF Level 2
  • Coaching Experience: 6 Years

Dawn Gilbert (CrossFit Coach)

The challenge of trying to find balance in strength, cardio and gymnastics keeps things interesting for me.
I enjoy empowering others to stay active and accomplish things outside their comfort zone. Being a contributing part to others success is self rewarding.
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USAW Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Coaching Experience: 5 years

Jenna Siracuse Loewer, DPT
(Owner of On Pointe Wellness and Rehab, In house Physical Therapist)

OPW strives to provide you with a completely unique and patient-centered experience. Treatments are provided within our clinic location at CrossFit Durable, virtually, or onsite at your home, office or studio.
OPW takes a holistic approach to movement, so we will always assess the body as a whole in order to determine the root cause of your problem. Your visits will always include lots of education, hands-on treatment and an individualized exercise program to help you meet all of your goals. 
Whether you are recovering from an injury, trying to prevent future injuries or generally enhance your overall well-being, On Pointe Wellness is here for you!



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