Eva. T

Crossfit Durable has greatly impacted my life. While crossfit alone is great, it is the unique community atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the coaches at Crossfit Durable that really mean the difference between forcing yourself to a workout or looking forward to going to the next one. As a woman with a fitness background limited to running, a poor body image, and a recovering bulimic, I was reluctant to begin a program that was so out of my comfort zone. Very quickly, with the personalized attention and dedicated coaches at CFDand the other members, my fears were dispelled. It was out of my comfort zone, but the coaches continually focus on emphasizing proper body mechanics,  proper technique, and offering individual encouragement. The classes were really hard and left me sore- but they also left me feeling proud and excited about the next class and my chance to conquer new challenges. The other members were intimidating- but only for a second as they sweat and struggled next to me, everyone cheering each other on. At CFD there are no egos and everyone is able to finish the workout with the coach next to you, tailoring it to meet you at your level (and challenge you as well). It's impossible not to feel like you are going to work out with a bunch of friends who don't care if you have spent the last 5 years on the couch or training for the Iron Man. There is always success and always room to be humbled. CFD has challenged me physically and mentally. I am incredibly grateful to be continually amazed and inspired by not only what I can do, but what men/women of all body types/sizes and ages can do. The confidence from that realization is invaluable!