Our Programs and Pricing

CrossFit Durable offers a variety of programs to help you meet your goals.  We emphasize moving well before moving often and our coaching staff is with you every step of the way.  Whether you're interest is in preparing for your next race or regaining your former figure our programs will help you reach your maximal potential.  The workouts are scalable so even if it’s your first day you won’t feel left behind.


Introduction to CrossFit

Welcome to our Home!  We want you to be successful and have a great start on your fitness journey.   During your four 1 hour introduction sessions you will learn our 9 foundational movements, a simplified approach to nutrition, corrective strategies for improved movement and flexibility and lastly how to maximize our programs to reach your personal goals!

Price: $250

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CrossFit Classes

Our classes are a constantly varied strength and  conditioning program with proven results.  You’ll be challenged through gymnastics, functional movements, weightlifting, aerobic and anaerobic cardio conditioning.  CrossFit’s greatest quality, however, is that it is easily adaptable to men and women of all fitness levels, of all ages, and from all walks of life. Businessmen, housewives, teachers, children, high school and college athletes, and even grandparents will all complete the same workouts but at their own level of intensity. The fitness needs and physical requirements of our members differ only by degree.

Unlimited Classes: $195/month

3 classes per week: $175/month

*all memberships are month to month.  No contracts.


Our Drive class is an intense full body cardiovascular and strength training workout. 

Drive classes combine high intensity circuit work with dumbbells and body weight movements which is highly effective at reducing excess body weight, improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing lean muscle mass while improving overall coordination and balance. All the movements in our DRIVE classes can be adapted for all ages and skill levels.

You’ll get a great full body workout each class while definitely building up a sweat!

Boot Camp ONLY: $135/month
*CrossFit memberships can also attend Boot Camp


CrossFit Teens

Teens Classes: 12 - 16 years old

CFD’s CrossFit Teens class uses proven methods to provide safe and effective training program . Appropriate for all skill levels all the way up to high school students, CrossFit Teens utilizes scaled, age-appropriate movements that will increase overall fitness, speed, power, coordination, agility, and overall physical development.  Classes meet for 50 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
2x week: $110
3x week: $150

month to month, NO contracts


Barbell Club

This is our Olympic Weightlifting class designed to improve your strength and technique in the olympic lifts the Clean and Jerk and Snatch. Our Olympic Weightlifting class breaks the movements down and you get an hour to really hone in on technique and accessory work. This program is geared to anyone looking to compete in the sport of weightlifting or just simply improve their CrossFit skills. Barbell Club classes include strength, technique work, accessory work and complexes.

Programs run in 6 & 8 week cycles and meet 3x per week

6 week program: $219

8 week program: $289


Personal Training

The group setting is not for everyone!  If you are looking for a more personalized plan without the crowd we offer 1 on 1 services that meet when you're available.  Our programs are tailored specifically to you to help you reach your goals both through exercise and nutrition.  Your trainer will hold you accountable with weigh ins and bi-weekly check ins for continued success.

Available in 30 minutes and 1 hour sessions

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All memberships require a 2 week cancellation notice before the next bill date.  All requests made after the 2 week window will be processed in the following month.

Privacy Policy: CrossFit Durable does not share any customer information with any 3rd parties.