3 reasons why CrossFit might be a great fit for your child.


Is Crossfit Teens Right For Your Child?

Confidence and Leadership:
We have always stressed in our class that we are a team; we succeed by working together, challenging each other to do our best, and celebrating each accomplishment as a group.  We like to do a lot of team workouts and try to mix it up so everyone has a chance to build a friendship.  I have watched the older children step up to motivate the younger ones by showing them “the ropes” and sharing their Crossfit journey. This provides them an opportunity to be in a position of leadership even when they do not realize they are doing it.

Over the years, we have also been given the honor of being entrusted with a couple of special needs children. Their journey has been an amazing one to watch as we saw them grow and do things that I don't think they thought they could.  We watched the other children in these classes not only encourage their development but be motivated by their successes.

Improved Health:
In class, we talk about nutrition and how a healthy diet with exercise can make them a more effective athlete and student.  Teaching them how to properly fuel their bodies so they aren’t falling asleep in class and can avoid "foggy" brains are essential skills they will carry with them throughout their lifetime. The key is to start them early. 

Strength and Performance:
Not only do children gain confidence in themselves, but they see it and feel it in their bodies. They are stronger, faster, and feel more alert. They perform better in their sport and studies, which drives them to continue. 

A big issue in youth age sport is the rise of injuries to athletes that are now specializing their training in one sport only (year round soccer, baseball, lacrosse teams).  Overuse injuries are on the rise because of this.  The best athletes on the field are almost always being exposed to a  different sport each season.  At CrossFit we program our classes to improve a child's general physical preparedness.  Meaning we run, row, bike, jump, lift weights, climb ropes, work agility drills and even gymnastics work weekly!  What we have found is CrossFit kids have an edge over other athletes because they have been exposed to more training stimulus at higher intensities.

Our boys are now 14 & 17 and I will tell you that they have truly embraced a healthy lifestyle through their growth in the Crossfit Kids/Teens program. My boys are more confident, stronger and focused on their goals.  They see themselves being a part of this Crossfit network of families throughout their adulthood.

If you are interested in signing your child(ren) up for our program and would like to learn more, we would love to share our experiences and answer any questions you may have about why CrossFit would be a great fit for your child!

~Coach Jenn

 Coach Jenn has 9 years of experience coaching CrossFit Kids courses

Coach Jenn has 9 years of experience coaching CrossFit Kids courses