Deloading for CrossFit, Reloading for Life

We've been working hard these last few months and it's time for a deload week.  We've programmed this in the past but I'm not sure we fully explained its purpose and the benefits for you the athlete.  So brace yourself for some knowledge bombs!!!  

Training at high intensity is highly stressful on the body (i know that didn't blow anyone's minds) takes a toll, as we all know from last week.  We are breaking down muscle and tissue at a cellular level.  Compound that with the stresses of life, inconsistent sleep,  poor nutrition and worst of all the pain of being a Redskins/Caps fan and you'll begin to see a plateau or worse.  If we overload the body too much for too long without adequate recovery, we start to experience excessive physical or mental fatigue, get sick, experience burnout and defeat, start to plateau, or we get injuries. It is important to recognize this and take a deload week. This is basically an opportunity to build the body back up from the 4-6 weeks of hard work and stress from working out.

We do this at Durable by decreasing our Intensity and Volume.  Our goal is to stress the body to the brink of these symptoms, then deload your workouts and let your body recover, get stronger, and then we build off of this process.  

Take these weeks to focus on moving well technically, get to bed an hour earlier, drink a few more glasses of water, if you always go Rx try dropping the weight and you will be rewarded in the end.  the body grows stronger and adapts during this recovery period!  Sounds great right!?

There is a problem however, in the group class format so many of us operate on different schedules so it will take a conscious effort from you to be aware of these stresses as you feel them and communicate it with our Coaches so we can tell you when and how to apply deloading on your own.  We understand everyone is different and we will always be available to help you create a game plan!

If any of you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the content in this post, please don’t hesitate to reach out—I’m happy to help!

- coach Scott