Sharon Hipp, CrossFit Durable's Member of the Month!!!

We are super thrilled to get to celebrate Sharon as our member of the month!  On top of having 7 children, 8 if you include her husband Tim (kidding!), she's in the gym at 5am each morning to start her day.  Sharon is not one to complain about a movement or workout, she just simply accepts the day and gets work done!  So many complain about not having enough time in the day but she is a shining example that it's always possible to make time if you make it a priority.

In our recent Nutrition Challenges Sharon has made steady gains to get to her goals.  Over the last 2 months she's simultaneously dropped 4.5% body fat while gaining almost 4 pounds of muscle.  That's amazing results!  We can't say enough great things about this woman.  Congrats again Sharon!!!

Here's a little more you may not have known about Sharon...

What did you think about CrossFit before you walked through the doors for the first time?

image1 (1).png

This body will never be able to do that! My body was in so much pain from the effects of Lyme disease. 

What kept you coming back?

Even though it was painful to keep working out I felt myself getting stronger. I did not want to give that up. The encouragement I received from the coaches, other fellow members, and my family helped me keep coming. I love the 5am folks like family!!!

What might you tell someone who is still on the fence about trying CrossFit?

It will be the best thing you ever do to invest in your health! After one week you will be hooked!

What’s your favorite workout? 

Any kind of burner that last 20-30 minutes. I like endurance work that helps me work on pacing. 

What is the last thing you googled?

The weather to see if the children would play soccer today.

What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself? 

I love the weather channel!  After living in Boone, NC for 5 years, where the weather can change every hour, I became accustom to watching it. 

If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why?

Flying, because who would not love to soar above!

What was the first concert you ever saw? 

Dave Matthews

What new skill will you have a year from now? 

Pull-ups :)