Ana Maria Vega, Durable's Member of the Month!


Ana and her husband Luiz joined CFD late last year and you'll usually find them cruising in on their motorcycles together for our 6:30pm class.  If you didn't know how sweet and kind they were you'd be scared of them...seriously, this is Ana's smile in the picture :) (JK!)

The Durable Community is so lucky to have a member like Ana because she gets involved in almost every event we offer...intramural open, member outings, local competitions, workshops/clinics and barbell clubs.

If you've yet to meet Ana read on to find out more!

What did you think about CrossFit before you walked through the doors for the first time? My best friend was a CrossFitter and challenged me to try it. In 2011 I decided to give it a shot...Best decision EVER!

What kept you coming back? After trying CrossFit, i knew I wouldn’t go back to “the gym” I realized that the structure and guidance offered by the coaches was a great fit for me.

What’s your favorite workout? Lifting is my favorite part of CF.... cardio, Not so much! 

If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why? If I could choose a superpower it would be to turn back time. 

What new skill will you have a year from now? Pull ups, but more specifically I hope to really improve on my Olympic lifts