Randy Lacasse is Durables Member of the Month!!!

 Randy getting his 1st Bar Muscle Up!

Randy getting his 1st Bar Muscle Up!

Randy is one of Durables OGs and original founding members from 2014 and we love that we get to recognize him this month!  For those that don't know Randy (after this years open I doubt many don't) the first thing you'll immediately recognize is his intensity and innate ability to goat anyone around him into lifting heavier than they wanted to.  It's almost a super power. 

and at the age of 54 when most men are slowing down Randy continues to challenge himself...at the beginning of this year he was finally able to master the ring and bar muscle up after months and months of practice, a feat that most 20 year olds struggle with!  Congratulations Randy, we couldn't be prouder of a young man like you!



What did you think about CrossFit before you walked through the doors for the first time?

I watched the Crossfit Open on tv and was hooked. I thought it looked difficult, but fun

What kept you coming back?

CFD is a real family, with all the support and craziness that comes with any family

What might you tell someone who is still on the fence about trying CrossFit?  

You can tailor your workout to your specific fitness and skill level 

What’s your favorite workout?

Hand stand push-ups and back squats 

What is the last thing you googled?

Proper technique for thrusters

What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself?

I have coached 65+ youth sports teams, including being a pole vault coach for Scott’s high school  - Lake Braddock.

If you could choose one superpower what would it be and why?

Ability to fly, I hate driving long distances.

What was the first concert you ever saw?

Kiss, 1976, Portland, Maine

What new skill will you have a year from now?

Butterfly pull-ups