Why sign up for the Open?

Why Should I Sign Up for the Open?

I’m not going to the Games!!!

I’m not going to lie but back in the day before Crossfit was a worldwide event I thought I might have a chance to qualify for the Games. Now that is nearly impossible unless you can make training your full time job or are the magical 1% in the world.  So for the rest of us we are in it for the fun. By signing up you get to experience something really cool with a few thousand friends.

One of the first things you learn in Crossfit is that everything is measurable. The Open is no different. Even though this event happens once a year you are able to measure your results from year to year. HQ does try to repeat at least one workout from a previous year. You can also measure your results against other people your age, people in your state or other countries, people who have been crossfitting as long as you have and see how you compare. Who doesn’t want to see where their fitness is??

Not only do we have the opportunity to compete online but at CFD we are fortunate enough to compete in a fun friendly way as well.  CFD offers “Friday Night Lights at the Box”. This is a fun friendly way to test your fitness with friends and score points for your team. You will be doing the workouts anyway so why not sign up to be on a team. No matter your fitness level your score helps your team. I mean the winning team gets their name on a banner displayed in the gym!! How cool is that? There will be 4 teams and “players” will be drafted to compete not only by working out but with team spirit, getting a PR and just showing up!!

So sign up either way it is a win for you! 

- Coach Jenn