Congratulations to Gabby Gowen, CFD's Member of the Month~!


The staff is thrilled to get to recognize Gabby as Durable's Member of the Month!  Not only did she finish first in the Region at the Garage Games, she also represented Durable at the National Championships for her age group.  She was 1 of 10 athletes in the nation that was invited to compete in event!

Gabby trains in our CrossFit Kids program and also does Personal Training with Coach Jenn to work on skill and strength work.

Next time you see Gabby in the evenings make sure to congratulate her on all of her success!

What brought you to Crossfit?

When I was little, my Dad did CrossFit at home and it looked really cool.  I used to do gymnastics but there was too much drama for me. So when we moved to Haymarket, my Mom signed me up. I'm so glad she did, because Its my favorite hobby and everyone is drama!

What’s your favorite WOD/Movement? Barbell work. 

What is the last thing you ate? Chicken Marsala, raw carrots and a glass of water. 

What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself?  That I love Big Foot and secretly hope to see one some day. 

If you could choose one super power what would it be and why?To become become invisible when I want to. Why? So I can sneak attack and spy on people. 

If you could be a new color in the crayon box what would you be?Gabby Gray

Are there any goals you're still working towards? I'm trying to do more than 3 butterfly pull ups. I'm also working on pistols.