Congratulations Jennifer Kelly for becoming Durable's Member of the Month!!!

Jennifer joined us at the beginning of 2016 with a punch card membership.  Today she's attending 3x per week, occasionally more in our 830am classes.  The coaches have yet to see Jenn not smiling in class and we're a little concerned she may be incapable of stopping.  Her positive and relaxed attitude doesn't stop her from busting her butt in Intramural Open competitions or in class workouts. Finally, anyone that will take time out of their day after they've already trained to come back to the box to cheer on a team member during their workout is exactly the person we want to recognize!  Congrats Jenn!

Find out a little more about Jennifer Kelly...

What brought you to CrossFit?  In 2008 a friend introduced me to CrossFit. While I loved the workouts, Olympic lifts, competition and new friends, the timing was off for our family. My children were very young, the gym didn't have childcare and my husband deployed frequently so I was unable to establish a routine.  In order to stay in shape I resumed running behind a jogging stroller.  In 2012 after completely the Marine Corps Marathon I hit a wall, my motivation to run was gone. I bounced around between yoga, running and other group fitness programs for couple of years.  In early 2016 a friend suggested I try CF Durable to regain my motivation. It was a great move, I've thoroughly loved my time with the CF Durable family and all the friends I've made!    

 Find out more about Jennifer Kelly!

What’s your favorite WOD/Movement?  Deadlifts, box jumps and slam balls!

What is your motivation to push yourself in each workout?  To stay in decent shape as I get older, which I'm finding is harder and harder with each birthday :( 

What is a weird fact that people may not know about yourself? I'm 1/4 Japanese and distantly related to Wyatt Earp.

What is your spirit animal?  I asked my husband what he thought, he said Panda bear as a joke. Then I took an online quiz.  The result was Panda Bear.  I guess that's it!  

What do you do for fun outside of CFD?  I enjoy watching my kids sporting events, hiking, climbing, snowboarding/skiing and traveling with my family and date night with my husband.  

Any Goals for 2017?  Strict pull ups unassisted